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Application Fields

Our constantly dedication to new technologies ensures the performance of our worldwide customers from every industries. Today this spirit is still driving us to new applications and unknown areas.

Telecom / Network

Stability and availability are the keys to all kinds of communication service. Our continuous focus on reliability allows our customers to concentrate on services differentiation.

Energy / Power

AVC is providing advanced products to support energy industries for our daily life. Our solution enables our customers to generate power more efficiently and eco-friendly.


You are now enjoying the convenience and accessibility provided by our stable products and services. AVC is still helping all kinds of transportation services to be better, faster and safer.

LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is one of the revolutionary inventions since 1879 when Thomas Edison introduced the first commercial light bulb with improved filament inside. Today we produce new light source not just for illumination, but also for energy saving and cutting down CO emission.


Every year more than 7.7 million(*) new servers are brought into operation providing every kind of service. AVC's compact designed solution helps to maintain 24 hours non-stop operation with best performance. (*Source: Gartner Group 2008)


Right now 1 of every 3 PCs in the world is using AVC's solution. Our products ensure every user's desktop computer is always in the best condition. No matter it's for working, entertainment, or web-surfing.


AVC is also one of the major suppliers of notebook thermal components. With the thin, light-weighted and efficient design trend of notebook, our specialty and technology are the guarantees of stable operating temperature and high performance.


AVC never forgets the high tide of digital age originates from individual needs. By utilizing innovation, we are pursuing our efforts in providing the consumer market with particular DIY products of different choices.