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Fans and Blowers

1. Axial Fan

Axial fans are suitable for applications where large flow volume at medium system back pressure is required. The exit flow field is close to parallel to the fan rotating axis.

There are several axial fan families in the AVC product range that offer enhanced fan performance for every demanding application.

1-1. DA series – Single impeller

Fans with low noise characteristics those are suitable for most applications.

1-2. DB series – Integrated stator airfoil blade

Fans designed to provide higher static pressure with similar flow delivery as a similar DA series fan.

1-3. DC series – Power saving fan

Efficient fans designed to have the minimum power consumption.

1-4. DF series – Multiple rotating impellers and motor drives in series

High performance fans designed to produce very high static pressure in a small form-factor.

1-5. DV series – Overlapping impeller

Fans designed to work in systems with large impedance (air flow resistance).

2. Radial Fans

Radial fans are good for applications with high back pressure and low flow volume. Flow is turned 90°C inside the fan.

Radial fan can be used with or without an enclosure. The enclosure is used to enhance air pressure and control exit flow direction. Large radial fans (120+cm) are typically supplied without the enclosure and appropriate inlet arrangement is recommended at installation.

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