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Fortimo LED Thermal Solutions
AVC LED COOLING, designed for Philips Fortimo LED Module System

Many AVC cooling solutions designed give the users a range of choices to match their usage scenarios. Designs include passive and active cooling systems. The choices ensure our customers have the best cooling performance for their LED luminary needs. As with our design concepts, we guarantee an LED module equipped with AVC's LED cooling solution will maintain a maximum case temperature, depending on the individual LED specification, in a free air. View out complete thermal product portfolio to learn more about how we simplify your LED cooling needs.

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  • Industrial Design & Thermal Consultancy.

  • Mechanical Design.

  • Optical Design.

  • Electronic Solution & Engineering.

  • Manufacturing.

Positioned as a manufactured-based factory, AVC is dedicated with diverse thermal management, manufacturing, and development of innovative cooling combinations for indoor and outdoor LED lighting industries. Our aims are providing sustainable and reliable cooling products for global OEM/ODM lighting businesses, to dissipate LED-generated thermal loads, while prolonging LED products' use. These combining products carry with various creative thermal design concepts optimized to different environmental conditions and to create a comfortable lighting experience.


AVC is an associate member of Zhaga Consortium, and will keep developing effective LED cooling solutions to make compatible with Philips Fortimo LED system, the Zhaga-compliant LED light engines. For further inquiries, please email us at

Updated date: April 2014